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Let your happiness in

Do you like poetry? I do. I especially love the new spoken word genre of poetry such as the evocative piece that Amanda Gorman delivered at Joe Biden’s inauguration. Powerful! Words have such power as we’ve certainly learned over the last few years. They have the power to incite hate or to inspire love – that is, if we allow them. You see, you hold the power of how you interpret the words you hear and how you let them influence you. You are the only one who can. And as Wayne Dyer’s quote suggests, when you choose to feel good despite the circumstances that surround you, your world changes. Simply put, you attract what you are. In today’s post, I have two special treats to help elevate your happy heart. One is a poem and the other is an activity. Ready to get your happy on?
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Happy is as happy does

I have a really great cheesy but endearing music video to share with you today.  On most nights before I turn in for the evening, I like to watch something light on TV to get out of my head and into my heart.  And one of the best ways I’ve found to do that is to watch music videos. I love music.  All different kinds.  I also like to stay up to date with what some of the newer artists are creating.  It’s been amazing how much music has been created during the pandemic.  So, when I ran across this song a few months ago during the earlier days of the restrictions, I was really drawn to its simple message of “feeling blessed, never stressed”.  I loved it so much that I searched for it on YouTube and saved it on my desktop along with a few others I turn to when I need a lift.
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