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Ideas for Your Virtual Easter

With Easter weekend approaching, you may be feeling sad that you won’t be able to spend it with friends or family doing the things you would typically do during the long weekend.  I too will miss painting eggs with my grandson and enjoying a yummy meal with my family. So now it's time to get creative! What would a virtual Easter look like for you? You could eat your Easter dinner together via Facetime, Skype, or Zoom.  You could watch your grandchildren online while they look for hidden eggs or whatever ritual you would normally do together. You could hang colourful pictures of Easter eggs or bunnies on your windows or doors to lift the spirits of your neighbourhood.
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10 ways to help you thrive during difficult times

My father once told me that when in crisis do nothing. It seemed so counter-intuitive at the time that I initially dismissed what he said, choosing instead to grumble even louder about the challenge I was facing, trying to defend all the reasons why my panic was justified.  But he held firm to his advice. Years later I finally got it.  And perhaps today, more than any other time in my life, his words echo with such profound clarity. You see, doing nothing means leaning back, looking at the situation with a clear head rather than through the lens of heightened emotions – never the best time for making decisions. So today, I’m encouraging you to lean back. And once you’re acknowledged your emotions and allowed yourself to grieve the loss of the world as we once knew it, shake yourself off, lean in, and begin to see beneath the disruption.
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15 Images to Soothe Your Soul

One of the best ways to relax your mind and body, especially during these unprecedented times of uncertainty, is by being in the presence of beauty.  And for me, the most peaceful and relaxing beauty is found in nature. Whether it's through the simple gaze at a bouquet of colourful wildflowers or hearing the crickets or frogs on a warm summer night, nature’s beauty can quell my compulsion to go-go-go, like no other. Today, I’m sharing some images that touch my spirit in such a way as to slow my breathing to let my joy in.  I hope they will do the same for you.
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