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Do You Daydream?

Imagination is a powerful tool.  It’s the juice that enabled Michelangelo to see what others couldn’t.   It’s also the starting place for creation. You need to be able to step outside the confines of your perceived reality to envision something new or different.  And once you have that firmly in your mind, then like Michelangelo did when he carved his many masterpieces, you can start from the end. You see, he saw the finished carving first in his imagination. Then he allowed it to materialize. That’s power. The good news is we all have been given that same power. We just have to sharpen our creative muscle by spending more time dreaming. This is an eloquent poem by the English poet, Samuel Taylor Coleridge that poses a thought-provoking question about the power of imagination.  I was first introduced to this poem in Wayne Dyer’s book Wisdom of the Ages.
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