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Do you believe in others?

Do you give people the benefit of the doubt or do you seek proof of their good intentions first?  Are you quick to judge and ask questions later?  Are you someone who holds your breath waiting for “the other shoe to drop”?  Do you see the glass half full or half empty? These questions are basically all one and the same.  The answers reveal your beliefs about the world and the players in it. It’s not good or bad.  It’s just how you see it. But if you are someone who struggles with poor self-esteem or worries about what bogeyman is hiding behind every door, you might want to look at how you see others.  Just as Denise Linn suggests in our opening quote, trust in people has to be reciprocal.
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Change your beliefs. Change your truth.

You’ve likely heard someone suggest that you “listen to your own truth”.  But what does that really mean? Isn’t there only one truth? The reality is that you don’t see the world the way it is.  You actually see it the way you are. It’s your beliefs that shape your experiences which in turn defines the way you interpret your world which ultimately becomes your truth. When you change your beliefs, you change your truth. But what if you’re not sure what your truth really is?  Perhaps you’ve let others define it for you. Have you let others blow your candle out? Time to take back your power. 
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