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Are you afraid of change?

Honesty, truth, and acceptance all help to foster humility and bring forward the light during turbulent times. And we certainly have been living with massive changes these last two years. In my experience, the best way to mitigate the feelings of powerlessness when faced with a crisis is to stop feeling like a victim. That only brings about more anxiety and does nothing more than contribute to the chaos. Yes, it’s been challenging. After the first and second waves of the pandemic, we could feel life as we knew it begin to shift. And the third and fourth waves seem to have accelerated not only the disruptions to normal life, but the urgency in addressing our relationship with the planet. But change can be difficult for many people. It is much more comfortable to hold onto old ways of thinking and being because it’s what we’re familiar with, it feels safe, whether in reality it is or not.
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Do you show humility to nature?

Why is showing humility to nature so important? All month I’ve been posting about the joy habit of humility based on Chapter 35 of my book Being Joy™. I’ve shared my thoughts and several quotes about showing humility and how judgment and ego can get in the way of your relationships with others and yourself. What about your relationship with Mother Earth? When you take a walk in the forest, along the beach, or in any place that nature has blessed, you can’t help but be humbled by the healing power of its vibration. And as you feel more relaxed and balanced, you’ll reduce your anxiety and thoughts that put up resistance to your allowing what you were always meant to experience – that of love and joy. Nature does that.
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Is a dandelion a flower or a weed?

I love quotes. I marvel at their poetic profoundness and admire those who have authored them. And because words hold great power, I always try and find just the right ones to share each week. When I discovered the one I’ve chosen for this week’s post about the joy habit of humility and its relationship to non-judgement, the human being who immediately came to mind was Mother Teresa. She, more than just about anyone could see the humanity in the faces of the poor, and said, “If you are judging people, you have no time to love them.” As I said in last week’s post, humility really is about kindness and the love for all living things. When you’re living in the high frequency of love and joy energy as Mother Teresa clearly was, you are living in alignment with your soul. And in that sacred space, you can bow your head in humility to your fellow traveler, seeing them only as flowers.
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What does humility look like to you?

When you hear the word “humility,” what image first comes to mind? I immediately see a bowed head. But you might think that portrays a lack of self-esteem or a gesture of shame. I see it differently. I see a bowed head as a leaning in towards another and as a symbol of respect. In that brief instant, you are taking the focus off yourself and signaling to the other person that you see them and that you honour them – not for something that they’ve done, but just because they are a fellow traveler on this great big journey of life. They too have had their own share of struggles and for that instant you see their humanity. That in itself is worthy of respect.
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Do you admit when you are wrong?

Are there people in your life who have a hard time admitting when they’re wrong? Are you one of them? I know it’s not easy to swallow your pride and come clean when you’ve made a misstep or defended a position that was later found out to be false. We’ve all done it. That’s what makes us human. But when you can rise above your ego and show genuine humility when exposed, then you are actually showing your strength of character and not weakness, as some might attest. You see, to be honest first to yourself and then to others, demonstrates that you are secure enough within yourself to accept and love yourself no matter what. To thine own self be true, as they say.
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